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Tube amp hookup wire

tube amp hookup wire

22 gauge you have look what was used in most BA's or did they generally use 20 gauoe - Sounds like you can make some very nice looking cable assemblies- What do you use for the lacing? I tend to stay away from silver wire just because IMO it's a gamble. Component hookup wire is an excellent way to introduce the gold sound into the equation since a little bit of gold seems to go a long way, sonically, so you don't really have to invest in more than one component, or in any ancillary wiring. I find the Duelund silver hookup wire intriguing.

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Silver has better extension on either end, is a bit more detailed, is grit- and grain-free, but can sometimes add a slight amount of glare in some applications, it's subtle, but it's there usually. With OCC vs OFC (or silver as well lower-ordered rhythms are more easily discerned, which makes for better pacing, overall flow and drive. Although I have no direct experience with it, silver has by sex ratio wv dating some reports been improved by mixing it with gold. For filament/heater circuits where the current might be a few amps, 20AWG or even 18AWG might be better than 22 AWG. . But if you know good silver hookup wire, I'd be interested. Except that I wouldn't call copper dark, so much as just mellow. Gold reportedly does some marvelous things for horns (a wonderful "burnished" sonority cymbals and harmonics (piano, violin, etc). It's not very different from "dental floss but it's wider and easier on the hands. OFC is not viable (except in wiring designs that require tight braiding, like Mapleshade Helix speaker wires or something like them, where the physical stresses involved when bending the wire into place would end up negating most, if not all, of the advantage of OCC. If you go copper, I wouldn't recommend anything other than OCC. I have to assume the wire gauge depends on the application. .

tube amp hookup wire

Lundahl Chokes for tube amp power supply or filament current supply. Kimber Bulk single conductor wire for DIY/Hook -up wire. Watts Tube Audio, Saint Petersburg, Florida. RE: Hookup wire for tube gear. It's easy to find "UL1007" etc hookup wire in the 20-22 AWG range with 600V insulation.

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